Originally established in 2004, Louis XV Jewelers is now a family ran Arizona-based custom jewelry company created to meet all your jewelry needs.

Ethan was the driving force in starting Louis XV Jewelers in 2004 with his dear friend. Having no prior knowledge of jewelry, he jumped right into sales and design. When the original owner retired in 2015, Ethan kept the name and decided to change the scope of the business, diving deep into learning how to make one-of-a-kind custom jewelry heirlooms. He knew that educating clients while giving full attention to the smallest details in design and quality would always set him apart in the jewelry industry.

One year later, the single greatest addition to Louis XV would be bringing his younger sister Lindsay on board to help manage the growth of the business. They have immense love and respect for each other and help one another to enjoy every challenge and accomplishment.

Louis XV is truly a small family business. Currently, Ethan oversees his team of three craftsmen: two master jewelers and one master cadsmith with over one hundred years of combined jewelry experience.

Jewelry is incredibly personal and sentimental. As a family, we are honored and humbled to create these special masterpieces for all of you.

We can't wait to meet with you and make you a part of our Louis XV family!


Ethan, Lindsay, and the LXV team